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Roll Repair

Motion Gear Works is your one-stop precision machine shop and a recognized leader in roll repair.

Motion Gear Works is here to solve your metal defect problems, our team of engineers will perform an M.D.P inspection upon arrival of your rolls which allows us to locate any metal defects and porosity issues, such as gauling metal pick up scoring and pitting on the roll face/surface.

We are able to recommend solutions which will benefit our costumers by offering them superior alloys to reduce metal pick up and wear by embedding alloys into the surface of the roll, closing off the porosity/voids we are able to reduce wear and friction by 40 to 60 percent.

Services include:

  • Forming

  • Leveling

  • Straightening

  • Concave/Convex

  • Nip Rollers

  • Table Rollers

  • Pinch Rolls

  • Furnace Rolls

  • Back-up Rolls

  • Tube-mill Rolls

  • Z-mills

  • Ink Rolls

  • Printing Rolls

  • Crown Rolls

  • Embossing Rolls

  • Corrugating Rolls

  • Flaking Rolls

  • Skinner Rolls

  • De-skinner Rolls

  • Tension Lever Rolls

  • Stretch Leveling Rolls

Motion Gear Works stands behind our quality workmanship with an in-use warranty of 48 months from the date of installation.

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