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Pump Repair

Motion Gear Works is your one-stop precision machine shop and a recognized leader in pump repair.

Motion Gear Works specializes in repairing, reconditioning, and completely overhauling pump housings rotors and impellers. We also specialize in servicing the oil and gas, electric power, chemical, pulp and paper, and food and beverage, industries since 1989.

Through many years of extensive research and development, our team of engineers has innovated the pump repair and component parts manufacturing industry by providing you with the best solutions for your specific applications at the lowest cost.

We are able to rebuild back to OEM specifications and tolerances regardless of any abrasive and corrosive wear, pitting and scarring. We also manufacture the component parts such as rotors, shafts, end plates, impellers lobes, etc.

Services include:

  • Positive Displacement

  • Centrifugal

  • Multi-Phase

  • Single/Twin Rotor

  • Ball Pump's

  • Boiler Feed

  • Vacuum Pump's

  • Blowers Rotary Lobe

  • Stock Mixers

  • Rotary Screw/Screen

  • Turbo Pumps

  • Submersible Pumps

  • BOP's.

We stand behind our quality workmanship with a (48) month in use warranty from date of installation for more information please contact us.

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