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Gearbox Repair

Motion Gear Works is your one-stop precision machine shop and a recognized leader in gearbox repair.

We have been global leaders in gearbox repair and manufacturing since 1989.

Services include:

  • Steel

  • Mining

  • Pulp and Paper

  • Power and Energy

  • Oil and Gas

  • Chemical

  • Plastic

  • Rubber

  • Food and Beverage

  • Cement

  • Quarry

Our team of engineers have over 30 years of experience in gearbox overhauls and gear cutting, hobbing, and profile grinding.

Repairing of damaged gearboxes.

Repair and complete overhauls on gearboxes and speed reducers. Motion Gear Works is dedicated to solving your high-cost downtime problems whether it's a reduction or high-speed ratios. We have the capabilities to get you back into production within your specified time frame saving you up to 50% of replacement cost versus OEM.

Our engineering staff has the capabilities to reverse engineer, modify, or redesign gearboxes to not only meet, but exceed our customer's expectations. We have the capabilities to cut, hob, and profile grind helical, spur, herringbone, worm, planetary, double helix, bevel, and close ratio high-speed gearboxes and pinions, using the best equipment with the latest technology on the market today.


Motion Gear Works stands behind our quality workmanship with an in-use warranty of (5) years from the date of installation. If a gearbox failure or mechanical breakdown should occur before the time stated in our warranty, we will do a complete overhaul which includes replacing of all gears, shafts, bearings, and seals. For additional information on how we are able to increase the wear life of your gearboxes please contact us.

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