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Emergency Gearbox Repair

Motion Gear Works has specialized in providing world-class gearing solutions for all types of gearboxes, and speed reducers, for over three decades. Here at M.G.W., we understand how critical down time due to mechanical failure can be, which is why we offer an expedited 24 to 48 hour emergency service on both low and high speed gearboxes.

Our engineering staff has the capabilities to reverse engineer, modify, or redesign gearboxes to not only meet, but exceed, our customers expectations. We have the capabilities to cut, hob, and profile grind helical, spur, herringbone, worm, planetary, double helix, bevel, and close ratio high-speed gears and pinions. We use the best equipment with the latest technology on the market today.

Upon arrival, your Gearbox will be disassembled and cleaned, before we perform our NDT Dye Penetrant to determine the cause of failure. We will then provide you with a detailed inspection report including the potential cost and a swift lead time.

Services include:

  • American Maplan

  • Alliance

  • America 

  • Amarillo

  • Battenfield

  • Buss

  • Berstorff

  • Berlyn 

  • Baker Perkins

  • BP Littleford

  • Brevini

  • Black-Clawson 

  • Boston

  • Browning

  • Cleveland

  • Cincinnati Milacron

  • Cone-Drive

  • Con-Air

  • Coperion/W&P

  • Danieli

  • David Brown 

  • Dodge 

  • Davis standard

  • Eagan

  • Falk 

  • Farrell

  • FCM 

  • Flender 

  • Foote-Jones 

  • Gloucester

  • GE/General Electric 

  • Gardner Denver  

  • Hansen 

  • Horsburgh & Scott 

  • Ingersoll-Rand

  • JSW

  • Koellman

  • Kodiak 

  • Kissling  

  • Krauss Maffei

  • Kazini

  • Lightnin 

  • Link-Belt 

  • Lufkin 

  • Marley Cooling Tower

  • Renk MAAG

Quality Assurance

Our quality control analyst examines each piece of equipment for any flaws, defects, or size changes. They will then preload test the gearbox prior to shipping to ensure optimum performance.

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